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On-Demand Policies and Templates
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Akiri now offers off-the-shelf templates and policies. All of our documents are fully compliant with FAR/AIDAR requirements for for-profit companies. Each document is in Word format, so that you can edit if necessary. Included with each purchase is one FREE hour of consultation that you can use to ask questions about the document content or to request customizations.


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USAID-Compliant Procurement Policy

USAID-Compliant Travel Policy

USAID-Compliant CPFF Completion Subcontract Template

USAID-Compliant CPFF Term Subcontract Template

USAID-Compliant Firm-Fixed-Price Subcontract Template

USAID-Compliant T&M FDR/Commercial Rate Subcontract Template

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When to Use an RFP V. RFQ

Are USAID Contractors Required to Provide Allowances?

When Does the FAR Apply to Contractors?

Evaluating Best Value: Trade-Off V. Lowest-Priced Technically Acceptable