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Managing Conflicts of Interest in USAID Contracting


Failing to identify and address conflicts of interest (COIs) can lead to severe consequences for USAID Contractors, including contract termination or even debarment from future opportunities. This training equips students with the expertise to protect your company and ensure ethical practices. Through clear explanations, real-world scenarios, and practical guidance, you'll gain a thorough understanding of both organizational and personal COIs. You'll master the skills to: Recognize potential COI red flags Make strategic go/no-go decisions on new business opportunities Proactively disclose conflicts Implement strategies to mitigate or avoid conflicts altogether Uphold the highest ethical standards in every project This quick-hit, 35-minute training is ideal for both individual and corporate purchases. As an individual working on a USAID project or on a corporate new business team, you'll empower yourself with the knowledge to navigate COIs with ease. This pre-recorded video training will equip you with the expertise to identify, prevent, and manage COIs which, in turn, can ensure you make an impact on your company's new business decisions and your project's daily operations. For corporate purposes, this training is an ideal supplement to a company's internal control system and training program to expand employee awareness of and corporate compliance with aspects of the Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct FAR requirements. The training can be used for both new-hire orientation purposes as well as annual employee refreshers. With convenient online access, companies can purchase annual licenses to ensure consistent availability to all staff, both old and new. By effectively managing COIs, you'll contribute to the success of USAID initiatives, make a lasting, positive impact on the communities they serve, and safeguard your company's reputation and future opportunities.





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