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USAID Field Office Operations

Office Meeting

In an ideal world, implementing partners would handle all aspects of field office operations, from procurement, to grants under contract, to start-up and close-out. But the reality is, there are a number of factors that may hinder a prime from handling all of these areas of expertise. These factors may include a contractor not having the in-house capabilities, in-house resources being stretched too thin to spend several weeks in the field office, or the field office having trouble identifying and recruiting qualified full-time personnel. Such struggles can then result in project delays, leaving the team scrambling to find a way to timely design a grants program, lead a procurement effort, or get a project office up and running.

Akiri’s experts have decades of experience supporting USAID project offices in these operational capacities, and are frequently called on to implement these requirements skillfully and efficiently. Our consultants have served as Operational Deputy Chiefs of Party, spearheaded Procurement Departments, and designed and operationalized grants under contracts and strategic activity funds.

Hand us the reigns to these activities at any point during your project timeline, and we’ll ensure you meet project deadlines and deliverable requirements on-time and with excellence.

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