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Akiri Consulting was founded in 2019 with the primary aim of making USAID compliance, pricing and contracts management advisory services accessible to USAID implementing partners.

Akiri’s talent pool consists of senior-level experts who specialize in USAID contracting and who collectively have worked with small businesses, non-profits, local subcontractors and large prime implementing partners alike. Our experts have a diverse portfolio of experience including leading both Home Office Compliance teams and Field Office operations teams, and developing a variety of USAID cost proposals that range from $5M to $1B+ in value.

All told, the combined experience of Akiri’s experts total more than 100 years. Our team’s breadth of knowledge provides a unique vantage point of the multitude of practices and policies that different entities use in their approach to USAID contracting and subcontracting. This experience has granted our team the ability to see what works well and what needs improvement, and apply that knowledge to clients’ needs.

All Hands In

The combined experience of Akiri's experts total more than 100 years in the USAID space. On average, our experts individually have 15-30+ years of experience.

Meet the Founder

Katherine Gentic, CEO

Katherine Gentic is a contracts, compliance, operations and project management specialist with more than 20 years of experience in cradle-to-grave USAID government contract and subcontract management.

Ms. Gentic is regularly sought after by her clients for pricing USAID cost proposals, negotiating contract terms and conditions, assessing corporate risk, and providing assessments and recommendations for improvements to corporate policies, procedures, and templates.

She is fluent in USAID regulations and policy (FAR, AIDAR, ADS, DSSR, FAM/FAH, CFR, FTR) and government contracting mechanisms (IDIQ, FFP, T&M, CPFF/AF). Breadth of knowledge spans multiple sectors including healthcare, education, trade, technical services, IT software, supply chain, construction and infrastructure, security, and commercial goods and services.


She has been a trusted resource for training and mentoring junior-, mid-, and senior-level employees in understanding the nuances of government contracting, interpreting regulations and contract terms/conditions, cost/pricing, and creating compliant yet outside-the-box solutions to complex project implementation issues.

What People Are Saying

I really appreciate the opportunity to participate in this course…it's really helpful to see how my project's forecast originates from a cost volume, and it gave me really valuable background on the foundation of my project's operations.

Madeline W., For-Profit Employee
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